"I Love the Lowcountry" is a recurring segment of WCIV-TV's Lowcountry Live show. Here Leigh shares stories of some of the lesser known, but no less fascinating people, places and events associated with Charleston's rich history.

Best Places to Propose in Charleston

College of Charleston

Bonny King Charles: The Merry Monarch

The Irrepressable Mary Fisher Bayley Cross

Historic Taverns in Charleston

St. James Goose Creek Chapel of Ease

The Charleston Renaissance

Edgar Allen Poe and Charleston's Gold Bug

Jewish History

Charleston's First Revolution

Doing The Charleston!

Denmak Vesey & Founding of Emmanuel AME

The Notorious Anne Bonny

Harrowing Journey of Charleston's First Settlers

Macabre Life and Death of Livinia Fisher

Hurricane Hugo

The Swamp Angel

Church Act of 1706

The Great Fire of 1796 

Charleston's 18th century PR

What's in a Name?

Holiday Gift Ideas from Charleston

The Grimke Sisters