Around 4 a.m. on Jan. 15, nearly two years into the American Revolution, a fire broke out in a kitchen near the intersection of Queen and Union (now State) streets.


Learn more about one of the biggest disasters to ever strike Charleston, the Great Fire of 1796, in this brief I Love the Lowcountry segment. Also see St. Philip's Church.


Few dates hold as prominant a place in Charleston's story as Dec. 11, a date that in 1861 changed the city forever as the largest fire in its history obliterated nearly a third of its structures. Learn more in this edition of Do You Know Your Lowcountry.

The 1788 Ichnography of Charleston was commissioned by the Phoenix Fire Company of London. Fire insurance companies were particularly interested in the locations of public wells. This map shows eight of the city’s 35 fire wells in the area of the 1778 fire. (Image: Edmund Petrie, Ichnography of Charleston, South Carolina. London, Phoenix Fire Company, 1788. Library of Congress)