Charleston Raconteurs offers a unique experience designed for those seeking a deeper understanding of Charleston's history, as well as those who have visited Charleston before and want to experience something new and different. Our tours go beyond the usual tourist sites to explore the historic places and beautiful vistas of the Carolina Lowcountry. We'll show you rarely seen places where stories of our nation's founding and the antebellum South unfold in true raconteur style, history told with wit and skill.

We also cater to those who need to walk at a leisurely pace with places to sit along the way.

If you're ready to experience something unique, something beyond Charleston's popular tourist sites, book your tour today!



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August 2022
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We offer a private tour alternative based specifically on your interests and can provide  transportation. You pick a date and time of your choosing, and we'll take you back to another time and place.

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Charleston Raconteurs is certified by the City of Charleston and the  Palmetto Guild, and provides in-person tours in accord with all CDC safety protocols and per the City of Charleston COVID-19 protocols and requirements.