Surviving resources found within the Lowcountry's often-overgrown thickets embrace the essence of the New World's wealthiest 18th century agricultural society, as well as the American Revolution and Civil War, and a people's resilience in the face of catastrophe. Along these riverbanks, one witnesses the creation, growth and decline of the Southern plantation society and is drawn into the lives of the people and events that shaped our nation's history.

Some of our popluar tours include:

* A Day on the Cooper River
* A Day in the French Santee
* The Sea Islands of Charleston

In addition, Charleston Raconteurs is always happy to work with you to create your own customized "Charleston Bucket List" of things to do and see. Our tours can be as long or as short as you would like; you set the schedule.

Prices vary depending on what you would like to see and do. We can include scenic picnics or meals featuring authentic Lowcountry cuisine. If you'd like to include kayaking, paddleboarding or offshore trips to experience the natural beauty of the Cape Romaine Wildlife Reserve, we can make that happen for you. Tell us what it will take to make your visit to Charleston unforgettable, and we'll make it happen.