Charleston's history has been shaped by periods of great prosperity and sumptuous lifestyles, each of which has then been followed by catastrophic disasters both natural and man-made: bombard-ments and occupations by two invading armies, dozens of hurricanes, sweeping epidemics, the largest earthquake ever recorded on the East Coast, and great conflagrations that destroyed entire neighborhoods. On our Lost Charleston tours we explore some of those cherished places, people and traditions that these disasters, along with time, progress and changing fashions, have relegated to history.

These tours have been designed to complement the recently released book, Lost Charleston. You may choose your experience from among three different routes. Route 1 is a leisurely walk that explores the historic center of downtown to include churches, civic buildings, grand hotels, orphanages, and the foreboding block surrounding the historic Old City Jail, home to some of Charleston's darkest history.

Route 2 is also a walking tour that moves at a bit brisker pace and covers the Cooper River waterfront, including some of Charleston's oldest artifacts and the picturesque neighborhoods along the Battery. Route 3 is the most expansive route and includes both a driving and walking tour that takes in sights found in the historic areas around and above Calhoun Street.

Autographed copies of the book are available for those who wish to purchased one or you are welcome to bring your own copy if you choose.


A private tour for one or two people is $90 (additional guests $30 per person). Copies of the book are available for $22.50 (+ 9% tax = $24.53) for those who wish to buy a copy.

Lost Charleston Routes 1 & 2 meet at the entrance to the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel on Market Street (above). Parking is available in the hotel garage (rear of the building).
Those who sign up for Lost Charleston Route 3 will be picked up at the old Thomson Auditorium columns in Cannon Mall on Rutledge Avenue (below). Parking is available at the MUSC garage at 158 Ashley Avenue.