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January 1

1787 -- Arthur Middleton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence dies. 

1807 -- The foreign slave trade ended per Federal law.

1838 -- Osceola arrives as a prisoner at Fort Moultrie.


May 3

1898 -- Septima Poinsette Clark is born.


June 26

1742 -- Arthur Middleton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, is born.


August 19

1764 -- Arthur Middleton marries Mary Izard, "a Lady who is one of the first of her sex for sense, politeness and every female accomplishment."

August 20

1694 -- In his will written on this date, Capt. John Coming leaves his entire estate to his widow, Affra Harleston Coming.


October 22

1774 -- Henry Middleton is elected President of the first Continental Congress.


December 10

1698 -- Affra Harleston Coming deeds 17 acres of land south of George Street to St. Philips Church. It is known as the Glebe Lands, or lands belonging to the church.

December 15

1987 -- Septima Poinsette Clark dies.

December 28

1698 -- Affra Harleston Coming divides her estate between her nephew, John Harleston, and her husband's half-nephew, Elias Ball.