"...One of the best tours ever! I never knew there was so much history hiding just beyond the highway's tree line."

- Angel Rose T., Brooklyn, NY

"...So beautiful ... and amazing! I could feel the history just surrounding me."

- Hollie B., Orange County, CA


"...Leigh was the Best. The Love and knowledge she has for Charleston is like no other...she will answer the question as if she was there in that moment in time...you will feel like you were part of that era because she makes it so real."

- Maria, Boston, MA

"...I recently made a return visit to Charleston with my husband. We were once again charmed by the history, culture and beauty of the French Quarter part of town. We toured historic homes, museums and walked the cobblestone streets. However, best of all was a tour with Leigh Handal of Charleston Raconteurs. We spent a day with Leigh in the French Santee area, She customized our trip to include our specific interests. It was phenomenal as she knew all the ins and outs of the area and gave us insight into who and what had shaped the city of Charleston and its outlying areas. She packed hundreds of years of history into a day. What a way to get out of town for a day and feel the vibe."

- Jan M., Fort Collins, CO

"...You are incredible - you made our trip the memorable experience it was. You were born to to do what you do - make us fall in love with Charleston."

- Gerry A., Houston, TX

"...Thank you for all your planning and implementing of our wonderful Castle Pine Village Garden Club's field trip...We all have great memories, thanks to you."

- Kim W., Castle Rock, CO

"...the best exploration of Charleston history you'll ever take.."

- Chris C., Charleston, SC

"You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your energy and excitement with us to make our trip so wonderful and fun...You certainly are the best and most knowledgeable teacher and guide. How lucky we were to find you."

- Carol H., CO

"...Absolutely sensational time...."

- Aaron B., Miami, FL

"I appreciate the thoughtful tours and introduction [and] also the insights that our tour guide provided. A real treat. Very inspirational...."

- Achim L., Stamford, CT

"...We all had a fantastic time and saw and did so much thanks to you!"

- Janice, CO

"...Thank you....for guiding us. Learned and experienced (and ate) so much!"

- Michael D., Washington, DC

"...Leigh is the most entertaining, knowledgeable and passionate storyteller..."

- Fanio K., Charleston, SC

"...Seeing Charleston through your eyes, Leigh, was special...."

- Sharon N., Castle Pines, CO

"What an amazing tour! It couldn't have been better. Leigh customized the tour to our specifications and was an absolute wealth of knowledge and knows how to add flare and made it all the all-around perfect day."

 - Jim D. Silicon Valley, CA

"Just wanted to express our thanx for a great day with you. You did a superb job, interesting, factual, local and fun...Will certainly recomment you."

- Jim & Carolyn, ID

"...The special touches that only you could provide were so appreciated...."

- Terri S., Castle Rock, CO

"You are simply the best! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our garden club trip to Charleston and appreciated the itinerary and all the details you added to make it all so memorable."

- Liz C., CO

"Where do I begin? You were so perfect for our Garden Club and did a phenomenal job for us! Each and every one of the ladies has commented on your incredible knowledge, your wit, generosity, flexibility, sense of humor and remarkable kindness You went over and beyond our expectations and we enjoyed every minute with you. Thank you most of all for becoming my friend!"

- Joan H., Castle Rock, CO

"Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated all your efforts and hard work. You did a fantastic job!"

- Jan B., CO