One of the many memorable characters we talk about on Charleston Raconteurs' French Santee tour is one of the most accomplished early 20th scientists you've probably never heard of: Arthur Wayne, who is buried at Christ Church graveyard.

Arthur Trezevant Wayne has been hailed as South Carolina's "premier son of science" and is the author of Birds of South Carolina. The story behind the story, however, is one of the Lowcountry's great love stories.

Learn more about Wayne's life, contributions to ornithology, and his great love affair from this short "I Love the Lowcountry" segment from Lowcountry Live, WCIV-4.

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Arthur T. Wayne (1863-1930)

Maria Louisa Porcher Wayne
(1870 - 1950)

Christ Church Graveyard,
Highway 17, Mt. Pleasant, SC